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DEI,new rates in accounts from September 1st. Increases are on way…

Unlike of all the below, we, as official partners of HERON, can offer you a fixed charge of 0,0659 euro per kWh, 24/7.

DEI invoices are as of September 1st as follows:

– For consumption up to 2000 kWh, the new price is € 0.11058 per kWh from 0.0946 which is the current charge.

– From 2000 kWh the new price stands at EUR 0.11936 per kWh, against 0.10252 now.

– And for the night stream the new price is 0.07897 euro per kilowatt hour versus 0.0661 today.

The increases in kilowatt hours range from 16.4% to 19.4% and are fully offset by the fall in VAT and ETMEAR as Minister of Environment and Energy Kostis Hatzidakis has pledged. The reduction of VAT to 6% from 13% has been decided by the previous government and is already in force, while the ETMEAR reduction is expected to be finalized on Friday and will reportedly be set at 17 euros per megawatt for home consumption, from 22.67 euros now.

– Consistency discount remains but limited to 5% from 10% today. It should be noted that the discount was originally set at 15% and has already been reduced to 10% as of 1 April 2019.

– With regard to the CO2 clause, it is noted that PPC has already partially transferred to the Medium Voltage the burdens arising from its obligation to purchase emission allowances for power plants, in particular lignite which are the most polluting. Now the same clause is introduced in mild form on Low Voltage tariffs. With the current data on emission rights prices there will be no burden on this measure on the total amount paid by households that are customers of PPC.

The basis for calculating the clause will be PPC’s current emissions allowance, which for the low voltage is € 15.68 per megawatt hour.

It should be noted that a corresponding clause related to the fluctuation of wholesale electricity prices (“System Limit Price”) is already included in the tariffs of alternative electricity suppliers.

DEI will also abolish the reductions in CO2 charges for medium voltage (industries and large commercial chains), where the pollutant clause is already in place.

– For people with mechanical support who are beneficiaries of the Social Housing Tariff (PPC), PPC will provide a 50% discount on competing non-subsidized electricity costs. As it is known, the State subsidizes the tariffs of the CTO beneficiaries from 0.045 to 0.075 euros per kilowatt hour. PPC will provide a 50% discount on the amount remaining after the subsidy. It is clarified that the measure does not apply to other beneficiaries of CTOs, ie those who are not mechanically supported.




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