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About Renovation

Did you buy a house that needs a renovation to be as you want it or to be rentable? We offer a unique one stop solution for your renovation


We undertake the partial or total renovation of your home with the constant supervision of qualified engineers. There is a design department for decorating your space, a design section for designing the study if required, and a team of experienced craftsmen for construction work. With a wide variety of choices in materials, styles and a variety of applications, we will cover your every requirement

Small scale projects

Swimming pools (concrete or pre-fabricated)

Decorative Fencing

Composite Wood Decking

Stone Slab Pathways

Dry Stone Walling

Patio Areas


Get now our combo package of services for your property

and enjoy stress free holidays and property ownership in corfu
house maintenance
  • house management
  • pool maintenance
  • garden maintenance
  • cleaning services
the relief and the reassurance that you will experience by contact for any issue one company and take advantage of our endless contact list for any requirement is indescribable

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