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Energy Saving

About Energy Saving

Corfu Villa Services helps to cultivate the environmental consciousness of its customers by providing integrated energy management and energy management services


Upgrade your home with:

insulation, thermal insulation windows & doors, solar panels for hot water, heat pump for cooling-heating & hot water, led bulbs, shading systems, photovoltaic systems, wind generators and repay your investment from energy savings.

We colaborate with qualified engineers, qualified technicians and we use the highest quality of materials in matter of building to provide complete solutions tailored to your needs

Get now our combo package of services for your property

and enjoy stress free holidays and property ownership in corfu
house maintenance
  • house management
  • pool maintenance
  • garden maintenance
  • cleaning services
the relief and the reassurance that you will experience by contact for any issue one company and take advantage of our endless contact list for any requirement is indescribable

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